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The Autumn Throne


The Autumn Throne. Digital.

Autumn Throne


more desert temples

Canyon temple desrt tower1

Vessel work.

Ongoing concept work for the Vessel project.



sketchupsvessel cityvessel1 groundvessel moon vessel web VesselUtopiaweb

Last hour before bed sketching…

quick concept sketching before bed. 1 hours work. click to enlargehoursketches

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Mars Base 1 digital 2013

Mars Base 1
digital 2013

Landing strip. 2013. Digital

Landing strip. 2013. Digital

New Works…

New Stuff at my Store and Etsy!!!

New commission piece:



























New body of work starting, sea shells. (I needed a break from robots for awhile, and it’s always nice to spruce up my skills a little)

First work from the series:

photo (4)

New Stuff, yo!

OK, I realize my blog skills are non-existent…

I haven’t updated in forever. These things happen.

BUT, I just graduated from the Univ. of Akron with my Masters in Art Ed, so there’s that!!!

First this:

(check out the other ones too… just starting with timelapse, so we’ll see…)


Go to my new shop site here: STORE!

I’ve got paintings/prints up for sale…

More later folks!!!


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