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Just building up the sky with a couple of quick layers of oils… just some thin washes of reds overlaid with blues/violets… I’m diggin’ it so far…

I’ve missed oils.

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The artists’ studio

So here’s my studio (and office, and sewing room, and glass studio, and where the fish live, and library)

But really, it’s my studio.

Right now, it’s set up for my current projects (watercolor and oil)

And this is what it looks like:

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Underpainting finished

Went back in with some Pthalo Blue acrylic. Deepend areas, added some shadow to the arm, chiseled away the pointy shoulder… then popped out the whites again.

Tomorrow and this weekend I start some oil layers. Woo hoo!

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Going green

Added a bit of green to the blue tonite. Trying to push the darks deeper, chiseling out with the white.

I think tomorrow evening may see the end of this stage *fingers crossed*

(On a side note: My fiance has made me aware of the fact that I draw my figures with some of the same features- forearms, nose, the swirl thing, and- what she calls- “the Davis back”. I’m not sure what to say to all of that… but I suppose every artist does it to an extent.. look at Rosetti or Schiele…meh. I don’t mind)

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Some value..

Went in with some white and blue acryllics to pop the values a bit.

I’ll probably do 2 or 3 more layers like that, pushing and pulling the values up to a point I’m happy with.

Then, oils…
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