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Bob Ross?!!?

Yeah, soooo..

I haven’t touched this painting in a bit. That’s how I roll with my work. I do it for a bit, put it aside, work on something else. It all needs to gestate, digest, regurgitate(!?).

At any rate, yesterday I attempted to work on it some more..

As you can tell from below, it just isn’t turning out so swell…

This happens with most pieces in the midpoint, I’m used to it and know that a massive overhaul is needed. (Usually including wiping out, sanding, and basically ruining the “preciousness” of the thing in my head… )

So, here’s what we’ve got so far…

including some Bob Ross mountains in the background.


*dry heaving*
(click image for larger size)


Underpainting finished

Went back in with some Pthalo Blue acrylic. Deepend areas, added some shadow to the arm, chiseled away the pointy shoulder… then popped out the whites again.

Tomorrow and this weekend I start some oil layers. Woo hoo!

(click to enlarge)

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