My Munny

So I was invited to do a “Munny” for a local art show here in Akron, OH.

(find it here)

I had a blast working on this and am really thinking about getting into these more..

I figured I would post some pictures of my process..
(as always, click images for larger versions)

I first applied SuperSculpey to the extra ears I got with my Munny then added details. I eventually wanted it to look like weathered metal… I then boiled the ear in water (yes, I know that SuperSculpey need to get to 275 and that boiling only gets about 215.. but it set up just the same..)

Now I was ready to paint..

Not bad, but I then noticed how neatly the S.S. picked up EVERY detail of my fingerprints when painted… I forged ahead, finishing the other ear and base then weathering to create this test piece…

So now I knew how to go about getting what I wanted out of the material. Vinyl is a pretty easy to work with substance, and pretty durable as well..

Following the same steps; I sculpted, boiled and then coated the full Munny in silver paint before distressing it with sandpaper…

Quite happy with the results, I finished him off with heavy weathering and some detailing…

Winding up with “Nexus 0.5”


One thought on “My Munny

  1. Anonymous says:

    looks like somthing from bioshock

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