A new series?

After finishing the last little guys; I thought I would expand on the whole “robot” theme…
I just really dig the whole 50’s-80’s sci-fi poster art, comic art thing…
There’s the whole nostalgia notion to it, but also- and probably reading way too much into it all (which, yeah.. I never do that) – there’s the idea of evolution, or progression of mankind to a certain point. After that point, what do we become? Is it up to us or nature?
So yeah, it’s either all that, or I just like to paint robots and not have to worry so much about an overarching “thesis”…
In other news, I am wrapping up my layout for my new website. A couple days or tomorrow it should be up and running… so there’s that.. 🙂
Here’s my work so far on the new painting…


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